• You Won’t Remember, But I Will

    “He’ll never remember life before his brother,” everyone tells me when I start to let the guilt of ending your only child years seep in. “To him, it will always have been this way.” I know they’re right, and their assurances give me comfort in ...

When I’m Quiet Online

Six months ago, you could find me posting on the One Mother to Another Facebook page seven or eight times a day. I filled up your News Feeds with pictures of my cluttered living room, regaled you with stories of grocery store meltdowns and commiserated with you about life in the motherhood trenches. I had a […]

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Five More Minutes

“Five more minutes.” This is my older son’s habitual plea as my husband and I deposit him in bed each night, entreating us to stay with him as he falls asleep. New to the world of “big boy” novelties—a toddler bed and Lightning McQueen underwear chief among them—this request is one of the few remaining […]

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Dear New Mom Friend

Dear New Mom Friend: So far, we’ve only had a few play dates and we’re still in the process of feeling each other out. The first time we met—that day at the playground when you caught me lusting after your top-of-the-line double stroller from the other side of the swingset—I liked you immediately. You didn’t […]

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Little Green Light

“You have to see this video,” my husband says one weekend morning as we linger over breakfast. He hands his phone across the table and punches the play button; the screen comes to life with the sight of my older son doing countless laps around our kitchen like a squirrel who’s just inhaled a line […]

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Holding It Together

Today, I am tired of being the one who holds it all together. Maybe that sounds whiny or accusatory. It’s not meant to be either of those things. I am unbelievably grateful for the gift of motherhood and I am appreciative of all that my husband does to keep our family afloat. He is exceptionally […]

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The Full

My coat pockets are stuffed with used wipes. There’s a blanket of crushed Goldfish and limbless Teddy Grahams covering the floor of my Jeep. My wallet is crammed with receipts for things I’ll never return: a half-used lip gloss, a quarter tank of gas, a drive-thru muffin I’ve already consumed. Of course, it contains none […]

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A Single Snapshot

The distracted mother tapping away at her iPhone screen while her son calls for her from the swingset. The family of five whose children howl and throw food like wild animals in the quiet restaurant. The harried young mother who loses it in Walmart at the slightest provocation from her brood of children. We’ve all […]

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