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Great beginner science activity for young children! Hypothesize and test out which objects will sink and float in a sensory table or your bathtub. Easy setup and lots of fun!

Sink or Float Activity

My older son who turns three later this week (sob) has gotten really into the concept of sinking and floating lately. In the bathtub, he loves to talk about his various toys and whether they sink or float and, ever since my husband took him the christening of a submarine at his work, he’s been interested […]

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Fall Wreath Craft for Toddlers

I LOVE fall. As the daughter of a high school football coach, I was taught to adore the season from a very young age–crisp air, Friday night lights, frozen asses on hard bleachers..the whole nine. Now that I’m older, there’s a lot more to love and I’m determined to get my kids into the spirit, too. […]

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Simple Clothespin Activities for Toddlers

As I’ve mentioned before, the majority of activities I do with Chase are exceedingly simple. Having taught preschool for several years, I learned over time that young children have very short attention spans and putting together complicated activities is usually a recipe for disappointment (for the adult who set it up, that is.) These simple clothespin activities for […]

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Snacktivity: Celery Heart Roses

Snacktivity is just what it sounds like: a snack and an activity combined. Many of these activities will be accompanied by a children’s book that you can read and discuss ahead of time with your kids. These activities are designed to make snack time fun for kids (especially those of you with picky eaters!) If […]

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Wintertime Sensory Activity

Many of my fellow New Englanders are stuck in the house today what with #snowpocalypse bearing down on us. I, for one, have loved every minute of it because my husband got to stay home from work today and I have sort of legitimate reason to wear pajamas all day. Some of the other moms […]

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The Best Play Dough Ever

This recipe comes from my mother in law and I have to say, it really is the best ever ( I made a lot of this stuff when I taught preschool, so I’m something of a connoisseur.) It takes about 7 minutes to make and it lasts 6 months in an airtight container, which is […]

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