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Yes, My Boys WILL Be Boys

I’ve always had an aversion to the phrase “boys will be boys.” As a woman, the double standard seems entirely unfair; certain behaviors that are laughed off as being characteristic of boys are deemed immature or unladylike as soon as a girl participates in them. When I hear that particular phrase, I can just imagine […]

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7 Tips for Tackling Toddler Tantrums

Before I had kids of my own, I worked with the toddler age group for many years as a teacher in several daycare centers. During those years, I learned a lot about what seems to work and what definitely doesn’t when it comes to preventing and de-escalating tantrums. When it came time to field my […]

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And Then There Were Four

“Frighteningly well.” That’s how I’ve been responding when friends or family ask how things are going around here. And I mean exactly that—I’m equal parts grateful and terrified by how everything has gone so far. How seamlessly Sam has fit into our family, what a great sleeper and eater he is, how drastically improved my […]

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The Season of Savoring

Last night, I found myself in the middle of a familiar scene: mid-dinner prep, hands covered in raw chicken guts, balancing the phone between my ear and shoulder as my husband filled my overcrowded brain with snippets from his day. It was one of many similar nights where I attempted to get a meal onto […]

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