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Mom on a budget but need to get out of the house to save your sanity? It can be hard to find things to do outside the house with a brand new baby, but they do exist! Here are 10 outings that won't break the bank.

10 Low or No Cost Outings with a Baby

After my first son was born, it became apparent very quickly that babies were more expensive than I realized. The decision to stay home was a huge risk for our family and living on one income presented problems I never anticipated: specifically, that it can be really difficult to fill long days at home without […]

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Five Senses of Motherhood

My husband emerges from the walk-in closet, sporting a pair of wrinkled green dress pants and a collared shirt that can only be described as candy apple red. “Does this match?” he asks with a note of uncertainty, standing before me like a contestant on the firing line of What Not to Wear. I respond […]

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5 Ways to Bond With Your New Baby (When You’re Busy Raising Other Kids)

“It seems like we’ve taken a lot fewer pictures of Sam than we did of Chase when he was a baby,” my husband mused while scrolling through his phone the other day. After thinking about it, I came to the unsurprising realization that he was right—in fact, there seemed to be a lot less of everything the second time […]

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Sam’s Birth Story

“Just don’t be stupid,” the midwife joked as I sat on the examination table at my 37-week appointment, explaining how fast and hectic my first labor had been. “Get to the hospital with plenty of time to spare. I’ve literally seen women running into the birthing center with babies coming out between their legs. Make sure […]

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And Then There Were Four

“Frighteningly well.” That’s how I’ve been responding when friends or family ask how things are going around here. And I mean exactly that—I’m equal parts grateful and terrified by how everything has gone so far. How seamlessly Sam has fit into our family, what a great sleeper and eater he is, how drastically improved my […]

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You Won’t Remember, But I Will

“He’ll never remember life before his brother,” everyone tells me when I start to let the guilt of ending your only child years seep in. “To him, it will always have been this way.” I know they’re right, and their assurances give me comfort in those quiet moments when I feel the rush of remorse […]

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Sneak Peek: Baby #2’s Nursery

With two weeks left to go until baby #2 arrives, we finally finished his nursery over the weekend. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it, but the house we currently live in is the one I grew up in. We moved back home to Rhode Island from New Hampshire last September when Adam took a […]

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