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The Future of OMTA

OMTA mamas, Since we’re at the start of a brand-new year, I wanted to take a minute to check in with all of you about the direction of One Mother to Another. If you’ve been here awhile, you may have noticed that the tone and content of OMTA has changed slightly over the last year […]

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Am I a Good Enough Mother?

The good enough mother forgot picture day last year. It’s not because she didn’t have it marked on her calendar or she missed the notice that went home three weeks before; it’s because there is always something to remember and sometimes a ball must drop in order to juggle the rest. The good enough mother […]

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The Hard Season of Motherhood

I saw you last week in the Walmart checkout line, wearing rundown flip flops and faded maternity pants, hair hanging down your back in a hastily scraped together French braid. I recognized the maternity pants because I still wear them, too. From back by the tabloid rack, I watched as you endeavored to enter your […]

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Don’t Call Me Supermom

Supermom. Every time someone uses the term to refer to me, I bristle at the inaccuracy. Often, this praise is thrown around by people who don’t know me all that well. They see the big picture facts—that I stay home and raise two young boys, that my house looks fairly clean in pictures, that I run a blog […]

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The Anatomy of a Mistake

Yesterday afternoon I had the rare opportunity to run errands with just one child in tow. My older son, Chase, was still down for his nap so I took my younger son, Sam, with me to grocery shop and pick up our weekly Walmart haul while my husband did some work around the house. Normally […]

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When I’m Quiet Online

Six months ago, you could find me posting on the One Mother to Another Facebook page seven or eight times a day. I filled up your News Feeds with pictures of my cluttered living room, regaled you with stories of grocery store meltdowns and commiserated with you about life in the motherhood trenches. I had a […]

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Five More Minutes

“Five more minutes.” This is my older son’s habitual plea as my husband and I deposit him in bed each night, entreating us to stay with him as he falls asleep. New to the world of “big boy” novelties—a toddler bed and Lightning McQueen underwear chief among them—this request is one of the few remaining […]

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