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My Spouse Isn’t a Mind-Reader (And Yours Probably Isn’t Either)

During the first several years of our marriage, I found myself constantly waiting for my husband to develop the ability to read my mind. Having never been married, I figured that’s just how it worked in successful relationships—if you knew each other well enough, expectations could be communicated non-verbally and all would run smoothly without the need […]

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Helicopter Spouse on BonBon Break

Navigating first-time parenthood is no easy task, especially the co-parenting part. It’s uncharted territory for both parties–the blind leading the blind–and, no matter how in sync you and your spouse are, there are always moments of “Why is she doing it that way? That’s not the way I do it…” and so on and so […]

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Keeping Your Marriage a Priority After Kids

After you become parents for the first time, you may find that, along with everything else, your marriage has suddenly become uncharted territory. Where you once had seemingly endless amounts of time to spend together, you now have hurried moments between feedings and changings, fighting exhaustion and any number of other distractions you didn’t have previously. […]

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Have I Become a Helicopter Spouse?

It’s 1:00 in the afternoon on a Sunday; I’m applying my makeup just after a shower when I hear my son’s telltale howl downstairs. Still in my towel and not keen on parading through our mostly curtainless house to make a bottle and haul my overtired baby back up the stairs to his room, I […]

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