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5 Ways to Bond With Your New Baby (When You’re Busy Raising Other Kids)

“It seems like we’ve taken a lot fewer pictures of Sam than we did of Chase when he was a baby,” my husband mused while scrolling through his phone the other day. After thinking about it, I came to the unsurprising realization that he was right—in fact, there seemed to be a lot less of everything the second time […]

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Sam’s Birth Story

“Just don’t be stupid,” the midwife joked as I sat on the examination table at my 37-week appointment, explaining how fast and hectic my first labor had been. “Get to the hospital with plenty of time to spare. I’ve literally seen women running into the birthing center with babies coming out between their legs. Make sure […]

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You Won’t Remember, But I Will

“He’ll never remember life before his brother,” everyone tells me when I start to let the guilt of ending your only child years seep in. “To him, it will always have been this way.” I know they’re right, and their assurances give me comfort in those quiet moments when I feel the rush of remorse […]

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When You Don’t Know If It’s the Last Pregnancy

The end of my first pregnancy couldn’t come fast enough. I was uncomfortable, weary and anxious to meet the little person who tumbled and kicked his way through nine slow months inside me. Whenever people asked how much longer I had left, I automatically rounded up. Seventeen weeks was presented as “almost halfway;” six weeks […]

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Mother, In the Possessive

When you’re first married, there’s a particular rush you associate with uttering the phrase “my husband” or “my wife.” It’s a stamp of ownership—a claim to something outside of yourself. “This person chose to spend the rest of his or her life with me,” that one phrase implies. “I belong to someone and they belong […]

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What It’s Really Like to Experience Infertility

“I’ll bet if you stopped trying, it would happen.” “You can always adopt.” “You should pray more.” “It will happen when you least expect it.” “God has a plan.” “Trust me, you don’t want kids. You can have mine.” And on and on and on. These are a just a handful of the (surprisingly) more tactful […]

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Lies Your Pregnancy Tracker Is Telling You

If there’s one realization you come to very quickly after you find out you’re expecting, it’s that the first trimester is really freakin’ boring. After the initial excitement of the positive pee stick, telling the people you’re closest with, buying the baby books etc., there’s not a whole hell of a lot to do while you wait […]

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Pregnancy Update: Drowning Out the Noise

  As of tomorrow, I will officially be six months pregnant with baby #2. I realized when a friend mentioned it today that I’ve written very little about this pregnancy so far, outside of a few updates on all the scares we’ve had along the way. It makes me sad to think that the gift […]

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Baby #2 Update: Halfway There

As of tomorrow, I am officially halfway through this pregnancy with baby #2. I’ll be honest, it’s been a rough one this time around and, lately, it’s taken all I have to stay positive and grateful that we’ve made it this far. As many of you know, we suffered a miscarriage before Chase and were […]

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