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There it was, clear as day: a big, fat plus sign on the pregnancy test. 11 days late, not wanting to get my hopes up, but unable to wait any longer. It came as such a shock: no luck trying in October and then the decision to wait until the new year, when finances were […]

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If Your Pregnancy Tracker Was Honest With You

Week 4: CONGRATULATIONS! If you already know you’re pregnant, you are going to have one long fucking pregnancy. Buckle up, sista; 10 months is a long ass time (yeah, you heard that right. You’re gonna be pregnant for 10 months.) Cheers! Oh wait, better make yours a seltzer. Week 6: That pregnancy glow everyone talks […]

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Cheers to the Mamas

Cheers to the mamas-to-be for whom nine months feels like eternity. The ones who are discretely puking in trash cans under their desks, trying to hide their little secret from their nosy coworkers. The ones for whom everything is an occasion to cry, including Campbell’s soup commercials and Youtube videos of dogs making friends with koala […]

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Discussion Topics for Parents-to be

There’s one fact you learn very quickly after you find out you’re expecting: the first trimester is really boring. After the initial excitement of the positive test, telling the people you’re closest with, buying the baby books, etc. there’s not a whole hell of a lot to do while you wait for the ultrasounds and the […]

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The Five People You Meet in Pregnancy

It’s a fact: all the opinionated, judgmental, handsy naysayers come out of the woodwork when you get pregnant. Suddenly, everyone wants a piece of the pie.  Some of the bold (read: obnoxious) ones will tell you exactly how you should cook the pie; the bolder still will try to get their grubby little paws right on […]

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