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All Good Things…

I’m sitting here with a blank page in front of me and I’m not sure how to say what I need to say. So I’m going to nix my usual long-winded style and just rip off the Band-Aid. Effective immediately, I will be stepping away from One Mother to Another. I know this statement will come as a […]

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The Full

My coat pockets are stuffed with used wipes. There’s a blanket of crushed Goldfish and limbless Teddy Grahams covering the floor of my Jeep. My wallet is crammed with receipts for things I’ll never return: a half-used lip gloss, a quarter tank of gas, a drive-thru muffin I’ve already consumed. Of course, it contains none […]

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Town Hall Meeting

Friends, I wanted to do a little Town Hall meeting, so to speak, in which I could talk to you about some of the things that have been on my mind lately. None of it is cause for concern—just some general things I wanted to keep you in the loop on. I’ve flip-flopped on the […]

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Big Grief, Tiny House: Share Our Stories

A few weeks back, I posted a thread on Facebook for #funfactFriday asking people to share something interesting about themselves. Some were funny, some were a little bit sad, but one in particular stuck out to me. Alysha St Germain wrote: “I lived in a tiny house for six months with my two kids. It […]

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Identity Crisis

Nearly every day, I stumble upon another article or blog post or talk show interview about women who lost their identities when they became mothers. They speak of the driven, determined, confident women they were pre-children and the exhausted, milk-stained, yoga pants-wearers they’ve become.  They talk about feeling hemmed in by their new title, about […]

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