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Spring Cleaning

When I first spot it, I’m stretched out across the multicolored tiles of the playroom floor assembling a puzzle with my older son. From this vantage point, it’s very clear what I’m seeing: a huge filmy patch on the otherwise clean floor directly underneath the nearest dining room chair. I have self-diagnosed Cleaning A.D.D.—I often […]

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When I’m Quiet Online

Six months ago, you could find me posting on the One Mother to Another Facebook page seven or eight times a day. I filled up your News Feeds with pictures of my cluttered living room, regaled you with stories of grocery store meltdowns and commiserated with you about life in the motherhood trenches. I had a […]

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Dear New Mom Friend

Dear New Mom Friend: So far, we’ve only had a few play dates and we’re still in the process of feeling each other out. The first time we met—that day at the playground when you caught me lusting after your top-of-the-line double stroller from the other side of the swingset—I liked you immediately. You didn’t […]

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I Am.

I am 18 years old and a virgin to the real world. I have spent my life in a small coastal town made smaller by gossip and politics; a place that isn’t really so terrible to grow up in, but feels positively stifling to someone who’s never experienced anywhere else. Still, high school wasn’t as […]

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Thank You, No Buts

I am a good writer. A great writer, in fact. Maybe even an exceptional one. It feels uncomfortable to type that statement and know someone other than me will read it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe it’s true. Seems sort of arrogant to mention though, right? This particular skill is the one thing […]

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The Fight of My Life

I’m not a sucker for motivational sayings; I don’t forward emails with cutesy poems or tag my friends in clichéd posts that someone famous may or may not have actually said. Simply put: I don’t have much patience for any of that stuff. So, when I stumbled across this quote many months ago and couldn’t […]

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