Cheers to the Mamas

Cheers to the mamas-to-be for whom nine months feels like eternity. The ones who are discretely puking in trash cans under their desks, trying to hide their little secret from their nosy coworkers. The ones for whom everything is an occasion to cry, including Campbell’s soup commercials and Youtube videos of dogs making friends with koala bears. The ones who stopped shaving their legs four months ago and really don’t care if their husbands mind.

Cheers to the mamas of newborns who are just barely hanging on. The ones who count three-hour stretches of sleep as something akin to heaven. The ones who haven’t showered in two (three?) days, the ones whose hairdressers would cry if they got a glimpse of them.

Cheers to the seasoned mamas who so totally got this motherhood thing down. The ones pushing double BOB strollers, with one kid strapped to their chest while drinking a pumpkin spice latte and walking the family dog. The ones who can pack three lunches in 30 seconds flat; one for the gluten-free kid, one with an extra cheese stick, one with absolutely no tree nuts, thankyouverymuch. The ones who are at every soccer practice and parent-teacher conference and car wash fundraiser when they’d rather be sitting at home doing absolutely nothing while no one asks one single question about what the moon is made of or why mommy has hair on her chin. 

Cheers to the single mamas whose spouses aren’t right around the corner to relieve them after a long day. The ones who have to be both mom and dad, who are on duty every minute of every day without reprieve, who are solely responsible for everything under the sun. They are the readers of every bedtime story, the packers of every lunch, the dropper offers and the picker uppers. They are the ones whom the rest of us admire with awestruck wonder, knowing their job is the hardest of all. 

Cheers to the stay at home mamas who are on duty all day. The ones who plan outings and listen to inane music on repeat and cut sandwiches into triangles with one hand while simultaneously wearing the baby and sitting on hold with the credit card company. The ones whom everyone else thinks are taking long naps and eating lots of chocolate covered things. (That only happens sometimes. Really.) The ones who feel endlessly guilty for not contributing to the household finances and are always trying to prove exactly what they did all day when people inevitably ask.


Cheers to the working mamas who are out there showing their children what balance and hard work looks like. The ones who feel fulfilled by their jobs, but wish they could be in two places at once, the ones who hate their jobs, but need the money, the ones who basically sign away their paycheck to daycare every Friday. The ones who worked hard for their degree or the position at their job and feel like they can’t just walk away from all that effort and mountain of student loan debt. The ones who have dishes to wash and dinner to make and quality time to spend with their babies all in the hour and a half before bedtime.

Cheers to the women who want so badly to be mamas, the ones who are drowning in ovulation kits and hormone shots and negative pregnancy tests, just waiting for the day those two little lines will make their long awaited appearance. The ones who are buried in adoption papers and red tape and social worker phone calls, hoping one day they’ll finally get to bring their child home.

Cheers to you, mama, who is doing the best she knows how even when the tantrum at the grocery store is mortifying and the baseball uniform is still in the laundry basket on game day and everything just feels way too hard.

Tomorrow’s another day. You got this.

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