New Here?

Just finding One Mother to Another?

Welcome! I’m thrilled to have you here. It’s a great place to be, if I do say so myself. Around here, you can relax and be yourself; you are amongst friends. We do supportive. We do encouraging. We do honesty and humor and “WTF did my kid just wipe on the sofa?” We don’t do judgmental. We don’t do mom wars (like ever. The moms that follow this page are ridiculously supportive.) We don’t do “you should feed your baby this way” or “you shouldn’t let your kid sleep like that” or “I know better than you do how to raise your child.” We do real, but not negative. We do happy, but not sugarcoated. We do motherhood together. And we’re all better for it. 

In the spirit of community we promote here, I wanted to let you hear how some moms describe OMTA in their own words:

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That’s it. I truly hope you enjoy this place as much as I do. When I first became a mother at 26, I was desperately lonely; some days, that’s still true. Having this little corner of the Internet where I can share motherhood with other women who get it has made me feel like I’m not alone, even on the days when the only person I talk to for 10 hours is under 3 feet tall. I hope you find that feeling here, too. 

Crazy love,