Recipe Roundup: 2/15

Since so many of my fabulous readers seem to love when I post new recipes for them to try, I decided to do a weekly Recipe Roundup where I feature a handful of recipes that I really love from either my own kitchen or around the interwebs. Each week will feature a different breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert that I have either tried myself or intend to try soon. I am not paid, perked or plugged for featuring these recipes and, if at any point in the future I am, you will be the first to know! Got a kickass recipe you’d like to submit for the Recipe Roundup? Simply email me at with the subject line “Recipe Roundup.” Happy cooking eating!


Recipe Round_2.15


PB&J Smoothie 

I try to drink a green smoothie every morning, but I’ve been stuck in a recipe rut for awhile, always using the same ingredients. So when a friend gave me an idea for a PB&J smoothie, I jumped right on it. All you need to make one is a couple scoops of peanut butter, a splash of almond milk, 5 or 6 juicy ripe strawberries (or frozen ones if you prefer) and a handful of spinach. It’s the perfect combination of fruity and nutty, plus it’s got a lot of protein-packed staying power to keep you full longer. A great addition to your usual breakfast or, if you’re an on-the-go eater, an easy one to take with you in the car.


Grilled Caprese Sandwich

Last year for Valentine’s Day, we did an indoor picnic and I made these grilled caprese sandwiches. I’m a huge sucker for the pesto, mozzarella and tomato combo and I added a thin chicken cutlet to ours to round it all out. If you like, you can also make your own pesto (I really love to do that because it’s easy and the flavor is just incomparable) so if you need a good recipe, check out the one from the One Mother to Another Cookbook (it’s under Snacks, Sauces & Sides.) These are super filling, so I doubt you’ll need anything to go with it, but if you want to add a side or two, they’d go great with a little fresh fruit and potato or pasta salad. Check out I Heart Naptime on Facebook for more recipe and DIY crafts.


Chicken in a Creamy Parmesan & Sundried Tomato Sauce

I made this for our Valentine’s Day dinner last night and my husband declared it “the best dinner I’ve ever made.” It really was SO sinfully good. I don’t cook heavy, creamy dishes often but hot damn…I might need to start. The flavors in this were incredible and it was very quick and easy to make (like 15 minutes total.) I did make risotto to go with it, which is neither quick nor easy, but so perfectly delicious as a complement to the chicken that it was absolutely worth it. If you’re interested in making the risotto, here’s that recipe. I amped up the crushed red pepper in the chicken because my husband and I are fans of spice, but you could leave it out altogether if you’re not. Overall, a perfect at-home date night meal. Check out Closet Cooking on Facebook for more awesome recipes and tips on cooking in a small kitchen.


Death by Chocolate Cake

This was the dessert course I chose for our Valentine’s Day dinner at home. When I bake, I like to do it from scratch so I tend to shy away from recipes that include boxed or pre-made items, but this cake is so moist and delicious, even with the boxed cake mix and instant pudding. If you have a great chocolate cake recipe, you could always sub that for the boxed stuff and just add the pudding, sour cream, etc. to give it the same consistency as this one. If you’re short on prep time though, this really takes no more than a few egg cracks and swirls in the mixer before you throw it in the oven. It comes out really dense and chocolately, so serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to balance out of all that chocolate. YUM.

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