7 Simple Ways to Add Some Flair to Your Turkey Day

This is my first year hosting Thanksgiving and I wanted to put a few unique touches on the day to make it feel like my own. However, I knew I had enough on my plate (pun totally intended) to worry too much about all the other little details outside of making the meal. So I settled on a handful of things that would add to the decor, but that wouldn’t overwhelm me, be too time consuming or cost more than a few dollars to pull together. If you’re looking for something similar, check out these 7 Simple Ways to Add Some Flair to Your Turkey Day:

  1. Gourd Tealights. Grab some mini pumpkins, gourds or Granny Smith apples for short money to make into these cool little candles. They can go on your table with some flowers in mason jars as an easy centerpiece or around your house for a little added ambiance.
  2. Thankfulness Cards. Since it’s Chase’s first turkey day, I decided to start a really simple tradition of writing down what we’re thankful for each year. I found these really adorable cards on Etsy, but you could also easily make your own if you have a printer. Whether you make or buy them, it’s a great tradition to start and something tangible you can save to look back on and see what you were thankful for as a family each year. 
  3. Veggie TurkeyMy sister has made this the past couple years and I think it’s a really cute way to style up your veggie platter. I wouldn’t go out of your way to make it if you’re not planning to offer these veggies anyway, but it’s a pretty easy one if you’ve already got the stuff on hand.
  4. Pinecone Name Cards.  I made these easy pinecone name cards for very short money and I think it added a lot to the look of the table. I got the fabric leaves and pinecones from Michael’s and then just hot glued the leaves to the pinecones after I wrote each name on them with a fabric pen. Simple as that. 
  5. Triple Pocket Napkin. I was really jazzed about unveiling this swanky looking triple pocket napkin at dinner. Each one takes about 20 seconds to put together and will make a great addition to your table. You could probably do it with some patterned paper napkins, too, if you’re like us and have to literally dust off the cloth napkins for their annual debut.
  6. Creamy Pumpkin & Butternut Squash Soup. This soup makes a great first course, along with a green salad and bread. As the host, it’ll give you extra time to get everything else in bowls and platters while everyone enjoys and digests. I made the recipe a little lighter by adding fat free half and half and threw in some pumpkin pie spice and crushed red pepper to liven it up. Fresh grated parmesan cheese and croutons are also great adds ons. To save time on the big day, prep it the night before; you can throw it in the crockpot to keep warm and free up a bigger pot for other foods you’re making. 
  7. Holiday Sangria. Finally, ya gotta have drinks. I made this holiday sangria, which is crazy delicious and really easy to throw together. Kind of a refreshing alternative to something like spiked cider that’ll just make you even hotter as you’re sweating it out in the kitchen.

What kinds of little touches are you putting on your Thanksgiving? Are you an old pro at hosting or a newbie like me? If you’re a guest, is there a special dish you always bring to add to the meal?

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