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You Won’t Remember, But I Will

“He’ll never remember life before his brother,” everyone tells me when I start to let the guilt of ending your only child years seep in. “To him, it will always have been this way.” I know they’re right, and their assurances give me comfort in those quiet moments when I feel the rush of remorse […]

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When You Don’t Know If It’s the Last Pregnancy

The end of my first pregnancy couldn’t come fast enough. I was uncomfortable, weary and anxious to meet the little person who tumbled and kicked his way through nine slow months inside me. Whenever people asked how much longer I had left, I automatically rounded up. Seventeen weeks was presented as “almost halfway;” six weeks […]

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My Mommitment to You

Dearest readers of One Mother to Another, So often these days when I fire up Facebook, I’m bombarded by the labels and designations that we mothers use to categorize each other. Helicopter mom, free-range parent, breastfeeder, formula feeder, working mom, stay at home mom…the list goes on. I see judgments on everything from the types […]

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Thin Mint Chocolate Parfaits

I LOVE anything including chocolate pudding and, like the rest of the free world, I have a serious weakness for Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. I decided that I’d try my hand at combining the two into one delicious chocolate parfait. The result is nothing short of incredibly decadent (without a ton of calories, I […]

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Snacktivity: Celery Heart Roses

Snacktivity is just what it sounds like: a snack and an activity combined. Many of these activities will be accompanied by a children’s book that you can read and discuss ahead of time with your kids. These activities are designed to make snack time fun for kids (especially those of you with picky eaters!) If […]

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