Pandemic Pantry
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Eat Healthy, Be Safe, And Enjoy Being Home With A “Pandemic Ready” Pantry

Preparing a “pandemic pantry” to stay home for those weeks is not an easy feat for anybody, particularly novice dieters and cooks.

The CDC recommends having a minimum of two week supply of food in your home. Health authorities advise staying home, if at all possible, and putting six feet between you and someone else in practice known as “social distancing.”

Governments around the world have been in a race to stem the spread of … Read the rest

Summer time fun without electronics
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Summer Time Boredom Is All Right

Well, as it happend I blew up at my children the other day and amazingly fast they figured out how to have their own fun. It was one of those moments when we as parents reach our limit and need to let off some steam (each weekend), I proposed to (shouted at) my two children that maybe it was time to switch off all electronics and go play outside. Like right now!

“Only dull people … Read the rest

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What Are The Five Senses of Motherhood?

Nobody informed me that parenthood would be so physical. It is like a full-on attack on the soul and the body, each day. It takes its toll, and I am not talking bags under eyes, droopy boobs and the certain additional pounds around the middle.

Five years of lugging an infant, then a toddler, around on hip or my shoulder –have wrecked my neck, vertebrae, and rotator cuff. Pains and aches aside, it occurred to … Read the rest

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Mother’s Day Gift -Donate To Pro-Women Non-Profit Organizations

Try something different this year, think passed jewelry or some personal items as gifts this Mother’s Day. Instead, make a contribution to honor the name of your mom.

“Organizations that might be especially meaningful to Mom this year are those that support mothers and daughters everywhere,” stated Elanor F. Williams, Assistant Professor, Marketing Department  Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. “A donation made on your mum’s name to a pro-women society taps into … Read the rest

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Creating Memories As We Go Through Life

“She will never remember life before her brother,” everybody tells me once I begin to allow the guilt of ending your only child years seep in. “To him, it will always have been this way.”

I know they are right, and their assurances provide me comfort in those quiet moments when I feel the rush of guilt stronger than any other emotion I could recognize. However, the fact that you won’t remember our time before … Read the rest

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Recipe Round-Up For Family Friendly Meals

I am seeking a somewhat different form for this “Recipe Roundup”, as it looks like most of you prefer mainly dinner recipes (and that is where I have the most diversity in our meal preparation anyway.)

All of the following are recipes that we have personally produced and eaten in the last couple of weeks, so I can confidently promise for their low-cost ingredients, ease in preparing and taste. If you have a wonderful recipe … Read the rest

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How to Host a Make-Your-Own Pizza Party!

It is hard to make plans with other parents with very young kids, so we decided to host dinner at our house.  Parents could bring their children and they played together, we kept a watchful eye while enjoying adult conversation. We had friends over for homemade pizza night, so I decided the plan ahead with the ingredients and quantities.

I was a bit worried beforehand about how it would work logistically (even with … Read the rest

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Breaking My Own Parenting Rules For Good Reason

Last week, my husband and I went out for a date night while my parents saw our boys for a couple of hours. It was the first time in quite a while that we had gone out just the two of us though we try to do something without children at least once per month; it often ends up being dinner with another couple, an adult-only wedding or drinks with friends.

As we sat … Read the rest

KonMari method of organization for home
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Reinvent Housekeeping And Declutter The Cabinets- Part 2

In my prior post about the KonMari Method, as advised by Marie Kondo at The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Organizing and Decluttering, I spoke about embarking on a decluttering program that finally got my chaotic house once and for all. In case you haven’t gone through it, here’s a recap:

  1. Concentrate on what to keep, not what to Eliminate
  2. Keep only things that bring you pleasure (unless it is
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Kon Mari method to organizing your home
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How I Finally Won the Fight Against Clutter and Learned to Love Housework: Part 1

Right off the bat, I wanted to let you know I was not paid or perked for writing this post in any way. I asked me to write about it and bought the book myself. I just wanted to share my adventures with anyone who’ll listen since I feel completely changed by this process. I think some of you will find it helpful, too.

As I am sitting here writing this, there are two bits … Read the rest

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Stop Pulling Your Hair Out Trying To Feed Your Toddler

If you follow Melissa from Pick-Ease on Instagram, you will see the pictures of her children using Pick-Ease, and you may be intrigued by how it would work for a young toddler who was between self-feeding phases. If you want your children to develop the excellent motor skills necessary for spoon and fork manipulation, but he or she is easily frustrated with his inability to nourish himself and gives up quickly each time, the Pick-EaseRead the rest

Indoor Play Activities For Kids During The Winter
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Indoor Activities For Children During the Winter

Now, many of my fellow New Englanders are jammed in the house today what with terrible snowstorm bearing down on us. I, for one, have loved every second of it since my husband must stay home from work today and I’ve sort of reason to wear pajamas all day.

Some of the other mothers might feel differently, what with having bored and restless children that require something to occupy them while the mothers catch up … Read the rest

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Did I Become A Helicopter Wife And Mom?

It’s 1:00 PM on a Sunday; I am applying my makeup after a bath when I hear my son’s significant whining downstairs. Yet, in my towel and not interested on running through our mostly curtainless house to make a bottle and haul my overtired child back up the staircase to his room, I choose to wait for a few minutes.

My husband is with him, he can take care of it. I got blush … Read the rest

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What New Mothers Need To Know About Postpartum Depression

A dear friend of mine is sharing her firstborn experience here as my mommy blog guest. This overwhelming tiredness or borderline depression is something that can happen to any of us, and some of us are blindsided by our feelings.

Hopefully, you do not have to deal with any of this, but I wanted to raise the awareness of postpartum depression so you can recognize the signs.… Read the rest