Family Summer Meals On the Patio

Great Summer Meals To Enjoy Outside On Your Patio

Here are some of our top fresh summer meals and healthy picks recipes for the hot summer nights. Many of these recipes are made with the best summer produce and lean proteins. We love to grill and share our favorite summer recipes, such as hearty summer salads and refreshing chilled soups.

When the weather is hot at home, we turn to cool foods and eat outside on the patio. It’s a great way to unwind … Read the rest

Fall Family Recipe

Fun Fall Family Recipes That The Kids Will Love

Does the world need yet different pumpkin roll recipe? These fall family recipes show the answer is YES. This is one recipe that will make you fall in love with all pumpkin-flavored sweets. The first, of course, is the perfect pumpkin pie.

I mean, what 9-year-old does not love pumpkin pie? Then there is light as a pillow pumpkin and pecan nuts cookies. Fall would not be the same without them. We also love … Read the rest

Recipe Round-Up For Family Friendly Meals

I am seeking a somewhat different form for this “Recipe Roundup”, as it looks like most of you prefer mainly dinner recipes (and that is where I have the most diversity in our meal preparation anyway.)

All of the following are recipes that we have personally produced and eaten in the last couple of weeks, so I can confidently promise for their low-cost ingredients, ease in preparing and taste. If you have a wonderful recipe … Read the rest

How to Host a Make-Your-Own Pizza Party!

It is hard to make plans with other parents with very young kids, so we decided to host dinner at our house.  Parents could bring their children and they played together, we kept a watchful eye while enjoying adult conversation. We had friends over for homemade pizza night, so I decided the plan ahead with the ingredients and quantities.

I was a bit worried beforehand about how it would work logistically (even with … Read the rest

Simple Touches For Adding Flair To Turkey Day

This is my first time hosting Thanksgiving and, incidentally, not on Thanksgiving Day. My sister lives down south and must work on Friday so my family will be celebrating this weekend. That means you get to benefit from my trial and error as I learn along the way. I considered I would share some of the cheap, simple little touches I am placing on the event to help remember Thanksgiving which makes me feel damn … Read the rest

12 Hearty Soups to Keep You Warm This Winter

We hope you enjoy these hearty soups for the cold weather as much as we do! These are simple to make for busy moms and kids approved. I usually review recipes on Sunday afternoon or evening, then plan out my meal for the next 3 days and create a shopping list.

Running to the store each and every day (especially with the kids) takes too much of my time. Shopping as we all know with … Read the rest

Recipe Roundup: Delicious Pesto Meals

My mother is an Italian woman, so I grew up eating plenty of authentic Italian meals. One of my favorites as a child was pasta with homemade pesto sauce; I could eat large heaping bowls of it, oil dripping down my chin, and want seconds and thirds.

When I first began learning to cook, I purchased the jarred stuff (which is still tasty) not having any idea how easy it was to create from … Read the rest

chocolate mint pudding

Mint Chocolate Dessert Tonight!

I really like anything dealing with chocolate,  such as chocolate ice cream, chocolate pudding, and chocolate brownies, just like most moms in the world; plus I have a weakness for Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. I decided that I would try my hand at combining a few ingredients into one delicious chocolate parfait.

The final result is nothing short of incredibly decadent (without a ton of calories, I might add.)

These parfaits are … Read the rest