Recipe Roundup: Delicious Pesto Meals

My mother is an Italian woman, so I grew up eating plenty of authentic Italian meals. One of my favorites as a child was pasta with homemade pesto sauce; I could eat large heaping bowls of it, oil dripping down my chin, and want seconds and thirds.

When I first began learning to cook, I purchased the jarred stuff (which is still tasty) not having any idea how easy it was to create from … Read the rest

The Not Always Perfect Mother

not always perfect mother

Often times, I serve my son natural fruit beverages that I make in my blender; he also eats Lucky Charms coated in artificial flavors which are stuck into my dirty floor.

Occasionally I wake up before my son, bath and get dressed in something besides sweatpants, appearing halfway acceptable if I should proceed to leave the boundaries of my home; occasionally I opt for stretchy waist trousers, use deodorant rather than a bath and cancel … Read the rest

Mint Chocolate Dessert Tonight!

chocolate mint pudding

I really like anything dealing with chocolate,  such as chocolate ice cream, chocolate pudding, and chocolate brownies, just like most moms in the world; plus I have a weakness for Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. I decided that I would try my hand at combining a few ingredients into one delicious chocolate parfait.

The final result is nothing short of incredibly decadent (without a ton of calories, I might add.)

These parfaits are … Read the rest