The further I get into this whole motherhood thing, the more I understand how important it is for mothers to support one another. There have been occasions when the small act of kindness of someone has made the tough days of mothering feel just a little better. These Spirit Cards are for that: helping another mom get through one of those days where everything feels difficult.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Save the Spirit Card file to your computer by clicking on the download button given above.
  2. Take a print out on 70-80 lb or 50-60 lb cardstock (for home printers). Cardstock at a printing store like Kinkos or Staples. Cut out on the dotted lines.
  3. Distribute however/wherever you think another mother will be best reached by them. Ideas: in the diaper aisle at Walmart, on a minivan at the daycare parking lot, with the baby Tylenol on a shop shelf, tucked in a diaper bag at playgroup…where it helps brighten someone else’s day! There are 7 different phrases and 1 blank card for writing in your own encouragements. Get creative with it!
  4. Use the #onemothertoanother hashtag to share on social media with a photo where you left your card. A number of them may be featured on the site!

You may prefer to purchase them in bulk from Vista Print, but that is entirely up to you.