Indoor Play Activities For Kids During The Winter
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Indoor Activities For Children During the Winter

Now, many of my fellow New Englanders are jammed in the house today what with terrible snowstorm bearing down on us. I, for one, have loved every second of it since my husband must stay home from work today and I’ve sort of reason to wear pajamas all day.

Some of the other mothers might feel differently, what with having bored and restless children that require something to occupy them while the mothers catch up on housework.  This transpired over 13 seconds, and we hauled him back indoors to reverse the 20 minutes of optimistic snow-gear outfitting.

However, I figured he would like to play with the snow at:

A) a warmer setting and

B) one where his extremities could move freely, so I decided to bring the snow indoors…

You can use fake snow or faux snow or a few scoops of real ice cold wet snow inside his sensory play table!

If you are unable to get a sensory table (we were lucky enough to find ours from my parents for Christmas,) you can use a big storage tub or use your bathtub.  There are several cool things you can do with snow sensory play especially if your children are a bit older than my son.

Here we used a bottle of warm water with a few drops of green and blue food coloring to add some color to the snow and demonstrate how it melts when water is squirted onto it. Similarly, you can do with a baster, pipettes or medicine droppers. Older kids can do the squirting on their own.

Use beach toys to play with snow

If you have sand toys leftover from the summer, let your children fill pails and shovels to play in the snow. We did have none of these available that time, so we used our good yogurt and pudding containers, and some plastic spoons that he loves.

Older children can make snowballs or miniature snowmen, add their favorite figurines, Barbies, etc. .” play” in the snow, make handprints, eat it…

For this activity, the sky is the limit. Also, it costs essentially nothing to do, and you’ve got everything available (assuming you have snow where you’re.)

At the end of the activity, feel free to pretend you have been out braving the chilly day and deserve a sweet big adult beverage or a hot chocolate with whipped cream and cookies. Cheers!

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